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For those who were unable to attend an in-person Continuing Education Course, we have created 2 options  – the online course and the live virtual course – both available through IAPMO.

Online Course

The Online Course is designed to be user friendly and flexible, allowing users to come and go as their schedule permits, and progress through the program at their own pace.  At the end of each segment there is a short quiz with up to seven questions (that can be taken more than once) to check for learning.  At the completion of the course, users will receive a downloadable certificate found in the training history and the completed status will be reported to the state.

The 2024 Online Course will be available mid-summer 2024.

Virtual Course

The Virtual Course will be a live zoom event and will occur at 6pm (central time) on November 12, 2024.  A live instructor will teach the class along with a moderator from IAPMO.

To Register for the Virtual Course – CLICK HERE to go directly to the SD catalog page to select the Virtual Zoom Meeting.

If you are a returning IAPMO training customer, please use your existing account to register. If this is your first-time taking training with IAPMO, you will need to create a new account. Once you are registered for an online course, please log into your IAPMO user account at to access the online course.  If you need help with your username and/or password, please email


If you have questions, you may contact IAPMO at or 708-995-3322.