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Apprentice Program

The SDAPHCC offers members the opportunity to enroll their employees in its apprentice program.  The SDAPHCC provides the curriculum and administers the program, while the member provides on-the job training.  In addition, the program has been approved by the Federal Department of Labor.


Program Features

  • Apprenticeships available in plumbing, HVAC, and sheet metal
  • Correspondence curriculum is approved by the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship Training
  • Program is approved for Post 9/11 Veteran's Education Benefits


Services Provided

SDAPHCC provides the following services to program participants:

  • Meet with the apprentice to explain the program and enroll them
  • Provide curriculum and grade completed test
  • Manage all federal, state, and local registrations
  • Monitor and communicate apprentice progress
  • Award Certificate of Completion
  • Notify federal, state, and local agencies of completion
  • Provide Davis-Bacon verification if requested


Program Costs

$150 - One time enrollment fee per apprentice

Plus $22.40 monthly fee per apprentice


How the Program Works 

Upon initial enrollment, the apprentice receives the curriculum book and an explanation of the program.  the apprentice works at his/hers own pace to study the book and complete the assigned tests.  Completed tests are submitted to the SDAPHCC office to be graded.


Once the tests are graded they are returned to the apprentice along with a letter detailing the apprentice's performance and overall progress.  A copy of this letter is also sent to the employer.  This continues until the apprentice has completed the curriculum book.


The studying and testing are performed in conjunction with the required 8,000 hours (approximately 4 years) of on-the-job training provided by the employer.  Apprentices may receive credit for work experience earned prior to enrollment. 


As the apprentice nears completion, he/she may begin studying the Uniform Plumbing Code book.  The book, along with a study guide, may be purchased from the SD Plumbing Commission (605-773-3429).



How to Enroll Your Employee

Contact Kristie Brunick at the SDAPHCC office to begin the enrollment process.

Phone: 605-271-7255     Email:



Additional Apprenticeship Opportunities

The SDAPHCC also offers an Apprenticeship Program that incorporates an E-Learning curriculum.

Click Here to learn more.





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