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South Dakota Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors, Inc

Government Relations

The SDAPHCC and the NAPHCC serve as the voice of the pluming, heating, and cooling industry. Both organizations advocate for legislation and regulation that are favorable to the members and the industry.



The SDAPHCC works on members' behalf to protect their interests at the State Capitol.  We work with our state  lobbyist to actively monitor and lobby bills that are relevant to the industry and impact members' businesses.

During the current 2022 Legislative Session, the SDAPHCC worked actively in favor of House Bill 1043 and House Bill 1044.

House Bill 1043, which changes the renewal date for specialty plumbing contractors, passed smoothly through both Chambers and was signed by the Governor.

House Bill 1044, which updates the current plumbing code from the 2015 version to the 2021 version, easily passed the House of Representatives.  Unfortunately, it got amended in the Senate before it passed.  The new amendment would have allowed municipalities to remove any part of the code they did not agree with.  The SDAPHCC worked hard to see that the bill was returned to its original state.  The amended bill was not accepted by the House of Representatives, sending it to a conference committee.   An agreement was not reached in the conference committee and the bill was killed. 

By coming together as an organization, our members have a stronger voice at the Capitol and are better able to influence regulations that affect their businesses and industry.



Through our affiliation with the National Association of Pluming, Heating and Cooling Contractors, we are able to exert influence on national legislation and regulations that affect our industry. NAPHCC has a Government Relations Department that works directly with members of Congress and the White House on critical issues in Washington, DC.  Members can follow the PHCC Advocate newsletter to stay informed of legislative developments.

Each May, members from across the US gather in Washington, DC for the annual Legislative Conference.  During the conference, attendees meet with their Senators and Representatives and inform them of the current issues affecting the p-h-c industry.

Unfortunately, the 2020 Legislative Conference was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.  Despite the cancellation, PHCC staff continue to monitor legislation and keep lines of communication open with policymakers on Capitol Hill to advocate for all PHCC members.

The PHCC 2022 Legislative Conference will be held May 24 & 25.



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